Virus Removal

Virus removal is much more than simply performing a wipe and reload on your computer. You can purchase antivirus software anywhere, but even that may not be the best choice in continued peak performance and system protection. 

When you call Computer Solutions to handle virus removal and antivirus protection, you can trust we will have your machine protected and running faster than before. Our virus removal includes: 

  • State of the art virus detection scan
  • Spyware, adware, malware, virus, and Trojan removal
  • Check your antivirus software to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Clean your registry and speed up your computer
  • Test operating system for proper updates 
  • Test hardware to make sure nothing is wearing out
  • Discuss with you how to avoid future infection
  • In some cases, we can remove the encryption caused by ransomware

Most people don’t even realize they have a virus on their machine. You may notice your machine is running slower than usual, print jobs won’t print correctly, apps won’t open or freeze, items look distorted or your computer restarts/crashes often. You may not experience any of these warning signs and be completely unaware you have a virus. Since not all antivirus software can catch/detect harmful viruses and not all viruses present with obvious symptoms, calling a virus removal professional is important.

Benefits of Virus Removal with Computer Solutions

Computer Solutions has been providing professional Mac and PC virus removal services for many years. We know a thing or two about viruses and how to keep your computer protected. We also understand that virus threats change often and affect old and new machines alike. It is important that your antivirus software and all your computers remain up to date.

To keep our clients continually protected, we offer additional services:

  • License transfer to new/upgraded computers for FREE
  • License retrieval for computer reloads for FREE
  • Antivirus license increases when you add new computers to your network ($20/machine)