Computer Solutions offers training and consultation services because it saves time and money for our clients. Let’s face it, a DIY approach to buying new equipment and getting it all connected or learning how to use a software application is not easy. There is a lot of research that goes into buying equipment and getting it to connect with your existing technology.

Computer Solutions technicians are here to help with deciding what equipment is right for you. The last thing you need is start getting everything installed, only to find you need additional software, or something totally different.

Technology Consulting Saves You Time and Money

Our first job is to discuss and fully understand your needs and what/how you intend to use the equipment or software. Next, we make recommendations as to what will work best.  We are not in business to sell equipment so we can make recommendations without a conflict of interest. Also, we can make sure that what you purchase is compatible with your current technology and will grow with your needs.

Software Training Removes the Guesswork

Computer Solutions provides onsite and remote training on most software applications. Whether you need a refresher or are a first time user, we provide program specific computer training including: QuickBooks, Peachtree, ACT!, Microsoft Office and much more. Why waste time trying to figure it out? Simply call us and our technicians can either come to you or remote train you within hours.

Combining training and consultation is a win-win! Computer Solutions can help you research and purchase the right equipment and software for your computing needs. We can find the right software, research the best company for your internet and phone system, conduct PCI studies, and help you decide which is the right website or email host provider your company.