Computer Solution is a full-service computer repair shop. You can bring your Windows or Mac computer to us, we can come to your home or office, or we can fix your computer remotely. We even offer a drop off service.

Computer Solutions technicians are extremely experienced, which means we can handle all your computer repair needs. Whether it is hardware or software, Mac or Windows, we get you back up and running quickly.

We have a Apple Senior Technician on staff, so we fix Apple computers too! Hard drive crashed, battery won’t charge, laptop fan making a weird noise, iPad not working, machine running slow, cracked screen, even water damage – our staff are prepared for whatever type of computer repair you need.

We understand, you can’t afford to be without a computer for very long.  That is why we diagnose the problem quickly and get you a quote for computer repair promptly. We take the time to explain, in layman terms, what we will need to do and then we get it done!

There are times, especially with older machines, when the cost of a repair is not cost affective. We will discuss your replacement options so you can make an informed decision. On repairs that are going to take more that a day or two, we offer you computer rental. Our computer repair services are affordable, we inform you of all your options, and we strive to minimize your computing down time.

On-Site Computer Repair

Computer Solutions is in Mission, KS. open Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. You are welcome to call to schedule an appointment to bring us your PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Apple device to us. You can also request that we come to your location. On-site computer repair is how most clients use our services. We are skilled in asking the right questions, which allows us to have a good preliminary diagnosis and get your machine repaired quickly.

Remote Computer Repair

Not all repairs require hands-on fixes. For those occasions, Computer Solutions uses an online tool to “remote in” and fix many operating and software issues. We also use this tool to work on email issues, virus attacks, and some hard drive issues. Once we get into your machine, we can determine if your repair requires an in-person visit.

Window and Mac Computer Repair

Not all machines are the same. The skills needed to repair common PCs and Laptops (HP, DELL, etc…) is not the same as those needed for Apple devices and Mac machines. The operating system, hardware and software on these two types of computers or mobile devices is drastically different. Our technicians are versed in both Windows and Apple or Mac computer repairs.