Remote/Onsite Support

Onsite computer repair is preferred for our business clients, but not all calls for onsite support are from businesses. Computer Solutions can come to your locations to assist with things like wired/wireless networking, training, internet or computer setup, and several other services. We pride ourselves on meeting your needs, which is you are welcome to bring your computer to us for repair or we can come to you for repair and onsite support.

Computer Solutions Offers Remote Support

Whether you are an individual or a business, the benefits of remote support are limitless! Computer Solutions can be your personal help desk and a resolution could be a phone call away. Our remote support is perfect for when you are traveling or just need a quick answer. 

We can troubleshoot and resolve most issues over the phone. For things like login or software issues, virus scans, or application training, we can (with your permission of course) get on your computer and have you computing as normal in no time. Remote support is also great for businesses with people in multiple locations.

Remote support is as easy as calling 913-362-3646 and downloading our remote support software. One connected, our technician will troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the issue.

Contacting Support Made Simple

Computer Solutions offers many ways to support your computing needs.

We are open 9-4, M-F so feel free to ​call us for onsite or remote session. If you like, we can even have the computer picked up.