Properly recycling your old computers is very important to Computer Solutions. The components used in computer and most tech equipment do not breakdown when tossed in the dumpster or landfill. In fact, some parts are harmful to the environment. Therefore, Computer Solutions is here to help our clients with computer recycling.

Over the years, old computers and computing devices get replaced or upgraded. Most people have old phones, tablets, or laptops in a box in the basement. Old monitors and printers get placed on a shelf, forgotten, and ignored. Taking a day to round up all the old computer equipment you have and calling Computer Solutions is a great way to create more space and ensure that these items are disposed of properly, without any harm to the environment.

We work with several disposal and recycling resources, specifically skilled in technology deconstruction. These resources will deconstruct and dispose of your old equipment safely. Some parts can be deconstructed and used to make new machines or melted down to serve a new purpose. Some must be destroyed. Whether it is deconstruction or recycling, your old equipment will not end up in a land fill.

Our recycling process makes it unlikely that anyone will be able to get any data off of your devices. However, if you want to be certain for a small fee, we can securely erase the drives using Department of Defense standards for data destruction.

Computer Solutions cares so much about the environment that we recycle most items at no cost to you! Call us today to help clear out that pile of old equipment you have taking up space in your home!

Sensitive data or just worried about what people can get off your old machine?  We can security erase the entire computer so that nothing can be retrieved.